About CASE

Christians for a Sustainable Economy is a coalition of followers of Jesus Christ who are concerned for the economic and cultural flourishing of America.  The kind of severe and chronic debt our government has accrued is unsustainable, immoral, and theft from our children and grandchildren.  We call on political leaders on both sides of the aisle to recognize the moral imperative to care for the poor effectively, through programs that elevate them out of dependency on government and into vocations that fulfill their gifts and callings, to be wise and compassionate stewards of our common resources for the present generation and generations to come, and to promote a free and thriving economy in a culture committed to creativity, industry, thrift, family and life.

We are:


  • Independent: We are not affiliated with a particular religious party.  Some of us belong to political parties, while others do not.  We are a group of friends who found themselves together at a time of common concern and common conviction.
  • Grass-Roots: We are not funded by any organization, political or otherwise.  Presently, we are not funded at all.  We are concerned Christians — writers, ministers, and leaders of ministries or nonprofits — devoting our own time and resources to something that matters.  If it should prove necessary to seek funds for advertisements or the like, we will not take money from politicians or political parties.
  • Ad Hoc: This was not long in the planning.  From the time when we resolved to form a group, to the time when we published our Letter to the President and Congressional Leaders, less than two weeks elapsed.  Yet the response to our initial call for signatures has been overwhelming and deeply encouraging.  We believe that the convictions in our hearts are shared by many.  If it falls to faithful Americans to rebuild a flourishing economy and culture, then let it begin with each of us, and let it begin now.
The founding group included the following – and please note that affiliations are given only for identification purposes.  We speak as individuals and not on behalf of our organizations.  For a fuller list of our conversation partners, see the Signatories Page.


  • Timothy Dalrymple, Content Director and Managing Editor of the Evangelical Portal, Patheos.com
  • P. J. Hill – Emeritus Professor of Economics, Wheaton College
  • Kelly Monroe-Kullberg – Founder of the Veritas Forum, Author, Finding God Beyond Harvard: the Quest for Veritas
  • Eric Teetsel – Program Manager, Values and Capitalism Project, American Enterprise Institute
  • Mark Tooley – President, Institute on Religion and Democracy
  • Wendy Wright – Past President of Concerned Women of America
Media seeking comment may contact:


  • Kelly Kullberg, PH: (614) 352-1072 EM: kelly@kellykullberg.com
  • David Kullberg, PH: (614) 975-7755 , EM: david@davidkullberg.com