November 20, 2017 Washington, D.C. Signatures updated: 11/21/17 For years, conservatives have been sounding the alarm on growing debt and deficits. A red tidal wave of debt threatens the health of the economy, business creation, the ability of families to create wealth. In doing so, exploding debt threatens no less than the American dream. When Republicans obtained unified control of the government in January, many conservatives expected a return to fiscal discipline, and an effort to … [Read more...]

Big Government Policies that Hurt the Poor and How to Address Them

SUMMARY All Americans should have the opportunity to get ahead, and opportunities abound in the U.S. market economy when it is allowed to function freely. If the government would just get out of the way by curtailing cronyism, eliminating unnecessary regulations, and eliminating other government interventions that needlessly drive up prices, those in need would have a better chance to succeed. KEY TAKEAWAYS Concern for the poor is often equated with expanding government. … [Read more...]

CBO’s January 2017 Budget and Economic Outlook

As President Trump enters his first full week in office, new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projections show that he faces an unsustainable fiscal path. President Trump enters office with debt held by the public as a share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) higher than at the start of any presidency other than Truman’s. And according to CBO’s Budget and Economic Outlook, debt under current law is projected to continue to rise unsustainably in future years. Specifically, the report shows … [Read more...]

The “Miracle” of the U.S Constitution

A reflection from the new book "If You Can Keep It."   By ERIC METAXAS Published on July 3, 2016 • 1 Comment Eric Metaxas Today as we gather with loved ones to remember the birth of America, it’s easy to forget that our country almost choked to death in the cradle. Of course we won freedom from Britain in 1783, but for the first years after that, things did not go well. Rebellions festered, Congress was bankrupt, the Continental Army was still unpaid, and it … [Read more...]

Your household budget in contrast to the reckless U.S. budget!

Is America a Republic or a Democracy? The United States Constitution created a republic, not a democracy, Georgetown University law professor Randy Barnett explains in his new book, Our Republican Constitution. “It all is based on two different readings of what ‘We the People’ means in the Constitution,” he told Heritage’s Rob Bluey last week in an interview for The Daily Signal. If you take “We the People” to mean a group and you believe that the group must rule. The only way “We the … [Read more...]

Why Evangelical Leaders’ ‘Grasstops’ Strategy To Push Immigration Reform Could Work

Amnesty deception: More than 80% of evangelicals polled do NOT want an influx of foreign labor in a pitiful economy with millions of unemployed Americans. Yet Soros/Obama's radical ThinkProgress (link below) admits to "using" an "evangelical grasstops' (read: deception) strategy. Soros/Rockefeller/Carneige's National Immigration Forum, and Obama federal funding, is propping up an "evangelical" campaign for open borders amnesty to shape a "blue" (Godless) America through demographics and voting. … [Read more...]

Poll: Voters Overwhelmingly Oppose Executive Action On Immigration

"Poll: Voters Overwhelmingly Oppose Executive Action on Immigration." As Christians we can uphold both justice to American citizens and kindness to guests, yet in Scripture we don't see kindness translated as blanket amnesty but rather as wise welcome even if temporary. (eg. the book of Nehemiah and rebuilding of walls, law and stewardship of a unique culture.) Read more: Michael Warren, The Weekly Standard   … [Read more...]

Harvard Business Professor on the Need for Religion for a Free and Thriving Society

Harvard Business prof on the need for religion (he indicates Christian and/or Jewish faith) for a free and thriving society. A democracy works when "most people realize ... they are accountable not just to society, but to God." Powerful. Well done. … [Read more...]

Freedom to Flourish

  Two inspiring minutes from IFWE. … [Read more...]

Emanuel’s Chicago Among Cities to Get Federal ‘Manufacturing Communities’ Funds

"Critics say taxpayer funds have been used by the administration to benefit the business interests of its political allies and campaign donors." Read more: Josh Peterson, The Daily Signal … [Read more...]